Don’t Be a Victim of a Cyberattack or Natural Disaster! Migrate Your Data to’s Fully-Redundant Cloud

By Allie Hernandez
Director of Marketing & Partner Development

smartcloudAs a business owner, you understand that your success is linked to the integrity of your databases and broader IT environment. A cyberattack or natural disaster could cause a loss of critical data and impose a big financial burden on your business. In fact, a recent Ponemon Institute report found that up to 50% of small businesses were successfully targeted by cyber criminals in 2016. In order to protect their data, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to move their IT resources to the cloud. However, no two cloud services are alike and even big-name providers can fall victim to well-executed cyberattacks.

On Tuesday, Amazon Web Services was left scrambling after its Simple Storage Service experienced “high error rates” and caused an outage that lasted four hours. Hundreds of thousands of companies across the U.S. were affected. As a result, sites went down, applications disappeared and website runtimes slowed to a snail’s pace. Your business cannot afford to have unplanned downtimes!

How we can help?

Cloud computing concept - Business Man touch on a touch screen interface

The good news is that can help you keep your data safe and secure. We can move your data to our fully redundant cloud, which is deployed at geographically-diverse datacenters. Through the use of smart cloud architecture, our storage and networking capacities are designed for 100% uptime, with full redundancy throughout the entire technology stack. This provides protection against regional disasters and is ensured to keep you up and running.

Our solutions are fully compliant across the board and monitored 24/7/365 by in-house technical architects and experienced engineers who care about you and your business. Our cloud solutions offer:

  • SOC2, PCI/DSS, HIPAA and Visa compliance
  • 24/7/365 support and monitoring from our local in-house team
  • A cloud portal with a single pane of glass for all management and provisioning functions with automated orchestration
  • The ability to scale computing resources dynamically to meet your changing business needs
  • Virtual Replication—a best-of-breed solution that has transformed the disaster recovery landscape by delivering enterprise-class hypervisor-based replication

Best of all, our team will work closely with you, no matter the size of your company, to understand and cater to your specific needs. Everyone flies first class on our cloud.

To learn more about’s smart cloud architecture, download the company’s data sheets. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and email us at for more information.