Keep Your Data Safe with Managed Security

Lenny ChesalBy Lenny Chesal, CRRD Chief Evangelist
Managed Security Aficionado

Cyberthreats are increasing more and more and aren’t going away. As cybercriminals get more persistent with their attacks and more innovative in their techniques and tactics, businesses must arm themselves with the right tools. Host.net11HostNet0529 partners with many leading managed security providers with robust cyber protection capabilities. With Managed Security you have a team of experts managing and monitoring your company’s network 24x7x365 if needed. You also have the option to alleviate the pressure of your existing resources in just specific areas – you tell us where you need the help.

We highly recommend that you protect for the unknown and make sure your IT infrastructure is hardened against cybercrime. offers several ways to increase levels of protection for your company. We suggest to first talk with a specialist and review your company’s requirements, goals, and processes. This can help determine areas of weakness and then we develop a plan of attack – an attack against the attackers so to speak.

Managed Means Less for You to Worry About
Through our managed firewall services, our security analysts handle tedious updates, configurations, and patches, freeing up your IT team to focus on your core business. We also give you access to our secure online portal, which provides comprehensive reports on all firewall activity and makes compliance easy through reports that provide analysis beyond conventional data.

Bottom line: We protect your network from malicious attacks without sacrificing network uptime, which is critical in keeping business operations running smoothly.

security-265130_1920Attackers Beware
An additional layer of protection can be achieved through’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service (IDS/IPS). Let our team handle complex updates and configurations. We are on-guard and constantly on the look for any suspicious activity across your network. Our team also monitors complex traffic patterns to prevent sophisticated threats that cannot be detected with firewalls alone.

With Managed Security you also get:

  • Physical, virtual, or cloud-based deployment options
  • Proactive risk management
  • Real-time threat response
  • Internal and external network-threat detection

Since cyberthreats are ever evolving, it is key to be mindful of the various areas of risks and rely on experts that are up to date on the latest threats. You want to make sure you are fully prepared and on-guard to deal with emerging security challenges. You never know when a cyberthreat may be imminent, but one thing is certain, with careful preparation, you will have the capability to withstand unexpected security breaches and protect your business-critical data.