Is your K-12 school or library taking advantage of reduced costs for telecommunications or internet access?

As technology makes rapid changes in virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives, we need to be able to account for our children being able to adapt to technology controlling how they learn.  Schools have seen the biggest shift in teaching by utilizing digital devices by using tablets, e-readers and computers for learning, school work and follow up tests.

These programs fall under the “No Child Left behind Act of 2001” or more commonly known as E-Rate. E-rate is designed to provide affordable telecommunications and internet access to K-12 schools and libraries to help students access their curriculum as required. As the proliferation of devices has gained significant momentum over the past few years, E-Rate also includes Wi-Fi and the internal infrastructure needed (including wiring, access points and other components) to accommodate the connectivity and other technology services.

Funding or discounts via E-Rate for schools is based on the category of services requested which vary between 20%-90%. This is based on the amount of students’ in your urban and rural locations within the district area. If your school is designated to receive a 90% discount for your internet access, the schools responsibility is 10% of the cost with the balance funded by the E-Rate program.

K-12 schools will need to file their request via the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) which falls under the FCC. Otherwise, they can utilize a consulting firm that has a Consulting Registration Number (CRN) assigned by USAC to assist in filing the request. This route is recommended if you are unfamiliar with this process.

How Can Help? is locally based in South Florida and is an approved technology service provider under the USAC and can assist your school with an assessment prior to submitting an E-Rate request directly or via a registered consulting firm. offers a broad portfolio of connectivity options either via Internet/MPLS/Layer 2 services as well as providing colocation services within our datacenters to protect your critical infrastructure. offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) options to ensure your data is backed up and/or replicated on a real time basis so it can be recovered quickly in the event of unexpected downtime or a possible catastrophe.

For more information on how and its Data Centers and Cloud Services can help you qualify for E-Rate Services, please contact us at 561-869-3388 or