The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan during Hurricane Season

By Nick Russo CTO

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Hurricane season is once again upon us and businesses should be preparing for the worst in order to keep operations up and running in the event of a catastrophe. Last year our entire community braced for Hurricane Matthew as it bore down on our coastline. The forecasts ended up being much worse than the storm itself, but a great deal of damage was still done and many business experienced network downtime as a result.

At, the many companies that depend on for the protection of their business- and mission-critical operations were protected by our disaster recovery capabilities. Our compliant South Florida datacenters were fully functional and the data that is so important to the success of our customers remained safe.

As a longtime provider of disaster recovery solutions, has worked with companies of all sizes across every industry to ensure their data is connected and protected should a hurricane – or any other disaster – strike.

As residents in South Florida begin annual preparations for hurricane season, organizations should ask themselves the below questions:

  • How will you stay up and running in the event of a disaster?
  • Where will employees work? Temporary offices? From their homes?
  • What is the internal communication chain to ensure all items are being addressed?
  • Who is on the core disaster recovery team that will be in charge of communicating specifics about the disaster and status?
  • How will you educate your team on disaster preparedness?
  • How do you resume normal business practices after a disaster?

You must have a detailed written disaster recovery plan for your network. can work with you to write detailed recovery steps so you are always prepared. has partnered with Zerto to offer Virtual Replication – a best-of-breed solution that has transformed the Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) landscape by delivering enterprise-class, hypervisor-based replication. delivers cloud-ready and secure disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical applications.

Read our Virtual Replication Data Sheet to learn about its many features and advantages.

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