Your Dedicated Managed Colocation Concierge

With a variety of options in the market, it is important to describe how sets itself apart as a South Florida datacenter and cloud services provider.

We offer white-glove-level managed colocation services that meet SOC2, PCI/DSS, HIPAA and Visa compliance standards, for those that need our expert team to manage their day-to-day colocation operations. Think of us as your business’s personal datacenter concierge, available 24/7/365 to handle any and all managed colocation needs. Whether you’re in need of migration, new deployment assistance, remote hands, database performance analysis or other services, is here to help.

JLH4166-1024x678We start by conducting an audit of your colocation infrastructure. Our team of seasoned datacenter technicians will analyze the information and determines the best approach to increase your colocation efficiencies. Once a plan is in place, we conduct regular evaluations which monitor the efficiency of your managed colocation plan. If we determine that there are areas that need improvement, our team will make the adjustments needed to offer the highest possible value.

Here are a few ways our white glove managed colocation services improve your company’s efficiency:

Allows IT to focus on all aspects of IT, not just infrastructure management. Your IT team has A LOT on their plate. While colocation services are within the realm of their major responsibilities, there are other on-site, day-to-day IT needs that are crucial to business success. Shifting the responsibility of colocation management to our team of experts allows your business to assign the IT staff to other important projects.

Offers expert advice, derived from years of implementing colocation best practices. Your IT team likely has a very good understanding of how to manage colocation services, but as mentioned above, that is not their only focus. Our team of experts is exclusively focused on optimizing colocation operations and will advise your business on power, cooling, rack counts, etc. so that you can be as efficient as possible and ultimately get the best possible value.

We have you covered with Remote Hands. If there is ever a hardware failure, issue with the colocation environment or other unforeseen concern, all you have to do is notify our team and we’ll handle the rest. Our experienced datacenter technicians are on standby, available 24/7, to investigate and report on any potential problems. The team becomes an extension of your IT department and we allow your IT team to lean on us, so they don’t have to travel to our datacenter to address an issue.

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