Get the Most out of a Partnership with Host.Net

By April 3, 2017General

By Allie Hernandez
Director of Marketing & Partner Development 

hands-2088954_1920In a previous blog, we introduced our new Channel Partner Program and explained how it is designed to provide you with the support you need to qualify your leads and provide pre- and post-sale support. We championed our new Partner Program as an enabler to help partners extend a wide variety of our cutting-edge, reliable services to their clients.

The team takes partner relationships to heart. Our channel partners help us achieve our goal of providing customers with technological innovation, global reach and forward-thinking strategies that create success. In turn, we work to help you expand your business, reach new end-users, provide best-in-breed solutions and solve IT challenges. And we reward you along the way! lives by our motto “Technology Humanized™”, and it is in this spirit that we support our partners in generating revenue and increasing their value to clients to provide a long-lasting relationship.

As a quick recap from our previous blog, the benefits of joining our Partner Program include:

  • Residual or One-Time Commissions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ongoing Training
  • Partner Loyalty
  • Pre-Sale Consultation
  • Post-Sale Consultation

Because we want you to get the most out of partnering with us, we have developed three best practices for you to follow:

  1. Stay educated on our latest services and solutions

It is imperative to educate and sell the latest technology with the most updated information to clients. People buy from people they like and trust. is constantly evolving and enhancing our services to suit our clients’ exact needs. We know that each business faces unique IT challenges, which is why all of our services are fully customizable. As a channel partner, you will improve your success rates when you can explain how our services solve specific problems your customers are facing. Our training initiatives, data sheets and blogs provide the information that can help you achieve this goal.

  1. Maintain contact with our Partner Program Director

Staying in touch with our Partner Program Director is critical to your success as a channel partner. We offer ongoing training that can help you better understand what we offer. We are genuinely interested in your feedback on the services/programs that your customers want. By keeping the lines of communication open, we can address challenges and opportunities together, which will strengthen your ability to qualify leads and make sales.

  1. Develop knowledge of target markets (healthcare, education, SMBs, etc.)

How well do you know your customers? Have you identified the organizations that would benefit most from your services? For the best results, we recommend learning more about your current customers and prospects by paying attention to the users of your solutions, and what their specific pain points are. Having this information will enable you to better segment your customer base and develop targeted marketing plans to reach them. This information will also help you assess new opportunities for recommending’s services as a solution for problems that potential end-users might be facing.

For more information on our Channel Partner Program and how you can benefit, download our data sheet or email Allie at