Evaluating energy efficiency in the data center

By September 20, 2016In the News

Achieving energy efficiency continues to be one of the most significant costs for datacenter operators. As such, we have seen numerous innovative projects from global IT monoliths, aimed at finding more efficient datacenter cooling techniques. Social media giants, search engine providers and large REITs employ cutting-edge datacenter measures, such as the use of hydro-power and wind power or they are located in remote places such as the Artic. These measures exemplify the extent to which large organizations will go in order to gain efficiencies. But what can enterprises and SMBs expect from their outsourced datacenter provider – without having to go to extreme, costly measures or to the coldest parts of the globe?

How do you know if your data center provider is focused on achieving energy efficiency?

Here are some things to look for:

For datacenter operators, traditional techniques to reduce cooling expenses and increase efficiencies consist of the use Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units and chillers. Other ways to decrease power consumption, and thus increase efficiency, revolve around the types of equipment your provider is using. High-quality condenser units and Electronically Commutated (EC) fans, which have a brushless DC motor, are designed to be “smart” and interactive and thus drive down the amount of power that older models use.

Datacenter operators also can design their facilities with flexibility in mind from the start. Some providers deploy larger piping to allow for cooling and water expansions and upgrades throughout the facility. Raised floor space within a datacenter also contributes to overall efficiencies – especially if all of the cabling is done overhead. This ensures that cool air can be distributed under the floor and that airflow is not blocked.

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