Technology is more prevalent than ever before in today’s evolving classrooms. Schools rely on advanced networks to support research, e-learning, video communications and a myriad of other data-intensive applications. Students from kindergarten, elementary up to high school have become overwhelming reliant on technology to study their courses, finish their lessons as well as take their exams. Is your school positioned to leverage high-speed Internet and telecommunications services needed to grant its students access to the information they need to be successful?

If the answer is no, then your school’s administration should consider employing the aid  of a federal funding plan called E-Rate.

What is E-Rate? 

This federal funding program offers discounted internet and telecommunications services to qualifying schools and libraries across the United States. This program, commonly known as “E-Rate” provides discounts from 20 to 90 percent in an attempt to afford high-speed internet access and other telecommunications services to schools across the country.

Who’s Eligible? 

There are a variety of criteria found in the “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001” that must be met in order to receive funding. There are five distinct categories of coverage, including; Data Transmission Services and Internet Access, Voice Services (which is winding down), Internal Connections (including Wi-Fi and Access Points), Managed Internal Broadband Services, and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections. Our role is to help you fully understand and simplify the E-Rate criteria and process before you apply. Host.net is a certified E-Rate Service Provider and can guide your team through the criteria required to help you understand and apply E-Rate where it is needed.

What’s the Deadline?

The 2017-2018 Window opened up on July 1, 2017 and will close June 30, 2018 however getting a head start now on FY2018 could give your school a leg up in the selection process!

Who Provides Schools with E-Rate Eligible Services? 

There are a variety of providers that offer E-Rate eligible services, but it’s best to partner with a company that specializes in education. Host.net (Service Provider Number 143046580) has been working with K-12 institutions for more than a decade, providing services that foster network uptime with 99.999% reliability. Our colocation and cloud offerings grant schools the ability to provide their students the digital tools they need to learn and compete.