When Disaster Strikes – Will You Be Ready?

By Nick Russo
Host.net CTO

disaster-recovery-plan-ts-100662705-primary.idgeI have used this space to talk about disaster recovery in recent weeks. But I thought it would be useful to send out a refresher. A disaster can strike at any time – compromising your business and your important data. When a situation like this occurs, you MUST have a plan in place to recover your data and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. This requires a partner who can walk you through the necessary steps so you are prepared.

A disaster can come in many forms. It can be natural, such as a hurricane, a major storm or a flood. Or it can be manmade, like a fire, a cyber attack or a theft. No matter the cause, when your organization experiences downtime, you are at major risk. Some companies never recover.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What are the applications that need to be protected by a disaster recovery plan?
  • What is the failover process for each of these applications?
  • Should you have disaster recovery office space and suites ready when needed?
  • How will you test each application to verify it is working properly and data is validated?

disasterThese are just a few of the many considerations that need to addressed before a disaster takes place. It is all about being proactive so that you are not scrambling when your network is down.

This can seem like a very daunting task. As the questions and requirements pile up, you will likely feel overwhelmed. This is where your experienced partner comes in.

Host.net has been dealing in disaster recovery for several years, and we continue to enhance our offering. Our staff works with each and every customer to ensure a detailed written disaster recovery plan is in place for their network. We understand that no two companies are alike, and we work closely with you to detail the unique recovery steps that must be taken should a disaster occur.

If you are a company that has yet to devise a detailed disaster recovery plan, download our data sheet to learn more.

You can also contact Host.net today to talk through your specific IT requirements. Call us at 1-877-388-HOST (4678) or email info@host.net.