Customer Policies

The Rules of the Road

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy defines acceptable practices for the use of’s services.

Access Authority Guidelines

The Colocation Authorized Access List enables clients to communicate to us the various levels of authority that a client has assigned to their personnel for purposes of managing our clients relationship with us.

Colocation Policies

In order to ensure the safety and security of our facility, our clients and their colocated systems, has specific policies and procedures that all employees, clients and guests must follow. This document outlines the policies and procedures for datacenter access.

Boca Raton Facility
Fort Lauderdale Facility
Remote Hands Policy

Customer BGP Policies

Clients may influence the BroadbandONE routing policies by a number of community tags which may be set on routes which they announce; the policy for this is outlined here.


This document outlines the guidelines and prerequisites that BroadbandONE uses to determine whether a network qualifies for Settlement-Free Interconnection, also known as Peering, with AS19151.

Peering BGP Policy

This is our Multi Exit Discriminator (MED) Policy

Privacy Policy’s policies and procedures for handling customer information has been created with the understanding that Internet technologies are still evolving and that Internet business methods are continuing to evolve to meet the needs and opportunities of the changing technologies.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) is governed by the customer service agreement or master service agreement. will provides certain rights and remedies regarding the performance of the Backbone and or Datacenter to our clients.

Shipping & Receiving

It may be necessary for you to have equipment delivered directly to one of our data centers. In order to ensure the security of your equipment, has certain policies in place for this.

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