Lenny ChesalBy Lenny Chesal, CRRD
Host.net Chief Evangelist

Hurricane Matthew has arrived, and everyone in Florida – and soon Georgia and South Carolina – who is dealing with the storm is in our thoughts.

We are proud that many companies depend on Host.net for the protection of their business- and mission-critical operations. During the past 24 hours, our compliant and certified Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale datacenters were fully functional and the data that is so important to the success of our customers remained safe.

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We accomplish this feat by arming customers with resilient, highly available Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) solutions. We always plan, we are always prepared and we keep our clients safe with:

  • Hybrid combinations of NetSmart Cloud and secure colocation
  • Failover options to a disaster recovery site using private Layer 2 circuits
  • Recovery of disrupted IT systems, networks, and other critical assets
  • Block-level replication to an alternate site on the Host.net backbone
  • Guaranteed and customized disaster recovery workspace options
  • Dedicated, high-speed, cost-effective Internet connectivity

Hurricane Matthew is still churning away, so we want everyone north of us to continue to be vigilant and be safe.