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Keeping You and Your Data Connected and Protected

What makes Host.net's disaster recovery different?

Although it's not likely that your office space would become uninhabitable due to a natural or manmade disaster, we'll be there for you if it does. We can provide customized disaster recovery (DR) office space so you can keep your business operating in a confidential and comfortable setting. Our fully functional DR spaces are located in a safe, secure, air-conditioned facility powered by diesel generators and supported by our custom network.

It's just one more way that we work hard to keep you up and running.

Host.net's Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Environment


Host.net Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Environment

Disaster Recovery Back-up Services / EVS Data Back-up
When disaster strikes, you want to know your data is safe and secure. Although a disaster may never occur, you can be confident that you're prepared for one. Our disaster recovery and back-up services help ensure you minimize downtime and keep your data, documents, and assets safe in a secure, remote location.

We have two types of disaster recovery backup services for VMs both within and outside the Host.net Smart Cloud platform.
Machines Within the Host.net Smart Cloud Architecture

Host.net extends the high availability of its platform from the local level to a regional level through block replication. You can replicate production VMs to an alternate site on the Host.net backbone. This provides protection against regional disasters and keeps you up and running. The replication process is a part of the native platform and is therefore non-intrusive to the daily operations of the VMs and their applications. You can also perform site-to-site failover testing without impacting production, giving you peace of mind while meeting your compliancy needs.
Machines Outside the Host.net Smart Cloud Architecture
Host.net drastically reduces the capital costs involved with deploying a disaster recovery solution by making use of VMs in place of physical machines at the remote site. Whether your physical servers are located in one of our colocation facilities or your own facility, you can replicate to remote VMs over a private layer 2 circuit or public Internet circuit. If there is ever a need to failover to the disaster recovery site, you can rest assured knowing your critical services are running on a state-of-the-art, fully redundant virtualization platform.