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Leveraging Our Infrastructure

What makes Host.net's colocation different?

Host.net colocation solutions offer a "World-Class", enterprise-level, safe and secure data center environment with redundant and robust network connections for companies to place mission-critical infrastructure including servers, VoIP switches, and storage devices.  Choosing colocation eliminates any worries about infrastructure as Host.net employees maintain our facilities around the clock.  Host.net has multiple data centers available to protect data and applications, although many clients are choosing a hybrid solution of colocation and "cloud" services or moving completely to the Smart Cloud platform. The combination along with Host.net's other managed services enables the unique ability to provide clients with solutions not available from other providers.


Host.net Data Centers



Our Data Centers


Our colocation environments offer:
Bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Gbps

Redundant infrastructure

Guaranteed connectivity

Physical security

Locking cabinets

Cage space

Single or multiple dedicated circuits

Clean, conditioned, UPS-backed power

We have peering and interconnectivity with leading national and global backbone providers, as well as more than 700 direct peers. Our worldwide network offers unparalleled connectivity, resulting in satisfied clients and functioning end-users.

Our Internet service is fast and reliable thanks to:
Robust connections across our international backbone

Advanced and intelligent routing protocols

Superior network design, infrastructure, and management

Diverse, redundant, and reliable fiber optic connections

Solid service level agreements
Availability & Reliability

Thanks to our enterprise-class infrastructure, you'll gain the peace of mind that comes with complete business continuity.  Since November 2009, Host.net's Smart Cloud platform has achieved zero seconds customer-facing downtime.

We deliver:
99.999% uptime

A no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure

Multiple systems to back up all digital assets and data