Colocation Services For Fast Growing Companies

Where will your company be in 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? These are questions that any IT leader should be asking and actively discussing with his or her company leaders. When companies are poised for growth, their IT infrastructure must run parallel, not lag behind. It is for this reason that colocation services could be a viable consideration for fast growing companies.

Colocation Buying Guide

When IT leaders come to Host.netafter deciding that Colocation is the next step for their companies, there are several steps through which we walk them. We have prepared a simple set of questions and answers in context with key factors, which assembled together, is used as a “Colocation Buying Guide.” In sum, this buying guide will help you to more accurately pinpoint your companies colocation needs so you are prepared to identify which colocation service is the perfect fit.

Colocation Providers With World -Class Customer Service

When you are looking at colocation providers, how do you distinguish which one is the best? When you compare apples to apples in the computing world, there is one big indicator that might separate colocation providers from one another: the colocation providers with world-class customer service.

Colo Providers With Cutting Edge Cloud Solutions

When it comes to cloud computing solutions, not all colo solutions providers are created equal. With booming development in the “cloud” by varying colo providers, how do you distinguish who is / will be the right provider for your organization? While every company might have its own unique data center needs, we’ll give you some tips and perspective on how to identify colo solution providers with the most cutting edge cloud solutions.

What is Enterprise Grade Colocation?

“I need more space” are never words that you want to hear - particularly from your data center. If your current enterprise-level data center is giving you these warning signs, it might be trying to break up with you. Rather than wait around and let it dictate when it is going to hit the road and take your data and business operations with it, it might be time to evaluate your current data center and move on. By move on, we really mean move those onsite servers out and consider an enterprise level colocation provider, who can be your “perfect match” in data hosting, management, and protection.

The Need of Having a Private Data Center

Think of your company’s most prized assets. Whether it’s proprietary information, financials, competitive analysis, or highly protected information, your company’s assets are likely housed in large and in part in a private data center

Cloud Computing Solutions; Future Proofing to Ensure Business Continuity

Future proofing your cloud computing security is an important “must” consideration to ensure business continuity. You want to ensure that your cloud computing solutions investment and infrastructure can safely withstand the growing security and infrastructure needs of the future. One of the distinguishing benefits of a properly architected and planned cloud computing solution is scalability, which is a fundamental element in future proofing your cloud computing solutions needs and security.

Secure Cloud Computing Solutions

We get this question daily: What is / are the most secure cloud computing solutions? More and more this question is asked largely due to the massive increase in businesses rapidly moving to cloud based platforms. A recent Forbes.com article confirms our personal experiences with the increase in demand for cloud services.

Colocation Data Centers in South Florida

Is your company’s midsize IT department feeling overloaded with logistical support demands? If you are still managing your company’s servers, you might be feeling the pressure to look for a solution to reduce your IT workload. That solution may very well be a colocation data center.

Colocation Services in South Florida

Are you considering moving your data, network, and company-wide applications to a South Florida data center and colocation service provider? If you are, you’ve landed in the right place to learn more about your options. Here are some things to consider when looking for and evaluating Colocation Service Providers in South Florida.